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Le nostre competenze


Pointing to excellence is our ambition! We don't settle for achievements, but use them like a started point toward an improvement both in products both in professionalism. Each experience is for us a spurt of growth, and so we preserve all the stimulus come from customer.

Le nostre competenze

The Dieng Team dedicated to industrial automation boasts numerous experiences in the development of Automatic Machines and Automation Lines in various industrial sectors including: Automotive, Industry, Packaging, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas High speed automation machines and lines; Automatic Machines for the Pharmaceutical and Food Industry; Converting lines Paper and plastic films Machine tools; Special … approfondimento skill

Dieng collaborates with leading companies in the Automotive, Motorcycle and Motorsport sectors, which offers engineering and consulting solutions, such as: Support to design of  motors; Support to design of loom; Design and supply of special equipment for Motorsport cars; Design and supply of production’s special manual and automatic equipment; Support to the implementation and management of aid’s … approfondimento skill

Dieng conducts R&D activities for the development and industrialization of Biomedical Devices and – with its expertices – Dieng supports Pharmaceutical companies in the automation’s activities of production processes, In the Bioemdical Sector, Dieng is active in the following areas: Design of new biomedical devices; Ideation and development of aid solutions to the surgery; Plastic … approfondimento skill

Dieng is active in Defense Sector with expertises in the following activities: Design and supply of special machines to support the defense equipment; Development of conceptual projects to support the design of new equipment; Support to the implementation and management of aid’s systems to production. approfondimento skill

Dieng is active in Aerospace Sector with design and simulation activities (fluidodynamics and structural, moreover Dieng designs special equipment. Dieng’s experience – in the Aerospace Sector – covers the following aspects: Design of wind tunnel models; Support to UAV design; Design of special equipment for aeronautical components testing; Design of Handling structures radar systems; Simulation’s activities (structural … approfondimento skill

Dieng supports shipyards with design and simulation’s activities Simulations and Static and Dynamic analysis on composite (and metal) materials; Analysis and fluidodynamic optimizations of marine means and screws; Support for certification of structural modifications for large Yachts; Design and supply of special machines of aid to the movement of components inside of the crafts. approfondimento skill