Born to Innovate

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Company profile

Customer loyalty is a success’s parameter! We believe that customer orientation represents the mission of the company. Our interest is aimed, therefore, to satisfy the demands of customers and offer to them services to excellence in order to ensure, not only to achieve, but also exceeding expectations.


The company was founded as Dieng – Development Innovation Engineering – in 2011 and it’s constituted by a mix of highly experiences professionals from prestigious companies and brilliant young engineers.

Dieng deals about research, development and innovation in the context of Engineering and provides technical support both on initial phase of mechanical design, both on following phase of prototypes production.

At the beginning, Dieng has chosen to serve in a cross manner many sectors, in order to differentiate for its “problem solving” skill. Collaborating in a cross manner, Dieng facilitates technological transfer of solutions among the different application’s sectors, in particular it collaborate with companies leaders in Industry, Biomedical, Aeronautical, Automotive and Military sectors.

The company’s strengths are organizzation and specializing personnel’s competence able to develop innovative products made in Italy, which are at the forefront of technology. Nevertheless effectiveness, that is interdisciplinary of work’s groups, flexibility and speed of response to costumer’s needs are equally important.

The company is also certified in quality.


Dieng’s mission is help customer in all project phases (conceptual, preliminary, detailed), using the most advanced methods of work and the best tools on the market to support the design.

“Our passion brings us continuously to accept new competitions, new technical requirements, researches of high performances, components of complex geometry, difference of materials. We study needs of our customers, we propose personal solutions with high surplus value.”



We are a growing reality! Up to now, since foundation’s year, there has been recorded always an increase in both turnover and number of employees.