Born to Innovate

Chi siamo

Company profile

Customer loyalty is a success’s parameter! We believe that customer orientation represents the mission of the company. Our interest is aimed, therefore, to satisfy the demands of customers and offer to them services to excellence in order to ensure, not only to achieve, but also exceeding expectations.


Dieng – Development Innovation Engineering – was founded in 2011 to support companies with the best Specialized Technical services.

Dieng supports several  italian companies and multinationals with Mechanical Design activities and specialised consulting in the Engineering area. Dieng’s technical support for its customers starts from the design stage and continues unitil the production of machinery and prototypes.

At the beginning, Dieng has chosen to serve different sectors, differentiating itself for its “project management” skills. Collaborating in across manner, Dieng facilitates technological transfer of solutions among the different application’s sectors, in particular Dieng collaborates with leading companies of Industry, Biomedical Aeronautical, Automotive, Defense and Naval sectors.

Dieng is not a simple mechanical design studio, but a structured company that supports several global leading companies with mechanical design and multidisciplinary solutions, starting from design to the realization of prototypes and customized machinery, according to customer specifications.


Dieng is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, concerning the design of machines,  mechanical components and technical services for the mechanical sector (EA: 34, 35).


We are a growing reality! As to todey, since the foundation year, there has been an increase in turnover and in the number of employees.

Dieng takes place in a settlement of about 1100 m2 with 600 m2 of offices and 500 m2 of workshop.

Since the foundation, Dieng’s technicians have supported about 100 companies.


Dieng’s mission is to support its customer in all the phases of project (conceptual, preliminary, detailed), using the most advanced work methodologies and the best tools available on the market to support the design.

“Our passion brings us continuously to accept new competitions, new technical requirements, researches of high performances, components of complex geometry, difference of materials. We study needs of our customers, we propose custom solutions with high surplus value.”