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Passion is our driving force! Thanks to hard passion and tenacity, we are ready to face all the challenges that market can propose, and reach goals quickly and effectively.

Born to design!

DIENG is involved in Engineering’s research and innovation, consulting, industrial design and automation for leading companies.

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Customer loyalty is a success’s parameter! We believe that customer orientation represents the mission of the company. Our interest is aimed, therefore, to satisfy the demands of customers and offer to them services to excellence in order to ensure, not only to achieve, but also exceeding expectations.



The company was founded as Dieng – Development Innovation Engineering – in 2011 and it’s constituted by a mix of highly experiences professionals from prestigious companies and brilliant young engineers.

Dieng deals about research, development and innovation in the context of Engineering and provides technical support both on initial phase of mechanical design, both on following phase of prototypes production.

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We are live of initiative! Following out will of undertake new path and develop our ideas, we are engaged, in a changing world, to research original and reliable solution.From the beginning, we have favoured the use of innovative technologies, creativity and initiative, reaching the best quality.